Why You Shouldn\’t Re-Roof Your Own Property

It’s no secret that one of the most expensive renovations you can make to your home is replacing your roof. The expense of this type of project will have anyone who is focused on saving money thinking about giving it a try themselves, rather than hiring professionals. We know, it is tempting and for good reason however, the Colorado roofing experts at Red Hawk Roofing strongly advise AGAINST replacing your own roof on your home or business. 

We’re going to tell you what the YouTube roofing tutorials don’t – here’s why you should hire a professional roofing team to replace your roof:

It Doesn’t Actually Save You Money

Contrary to popular belief, DIYing every project in your home doesn’t always save you money. Replacing your roof is one of those projects. Yes, you don’t have to pay for the labor of a roofing company, but if you’re doing it yourself you’re paying in your own time and energy and keeping your fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong. You aren’t a professional roofer so the risk of something going wrong or being installed improperly is quite high — have you thought about what that might cost you in the long run? 

If you hire a professional roofing company, such as Red Hawk Roofing, you are paying for experienced roofers who know how to help you avoid future problems and who can spot any problems you didn’t already know about in the long run. Plus, they’ll get it done in more than halt the time you’ll be able to get it done if you give it a go yourself. Remember, time is money. 

Your Warranty Could Be Voided

Many roof replacement DIYers don’t know about this one until it’s too late. Many roof/shingle manufacturers only uphold their warranty if their product is installed by a certified installation company/roofer. If you try the project yourself, you automatically void the warranty and if you do end up with a defected product, you won’t get any of your money back. This could end up costing you big time.

Your Safety is Not Guaranteed

Getting up on any elevated surface no matter the height is risky if you don’t have the right equipment or experience. Our roofing division team knows how to navigate a roof safely regardless of what stage of the replacement it’s in. Plus they know how to spot potential hazards as they are walking around and completing work. If you fall or hurt yourself, there is chance you can run into a lot of trouble with your homeowner\’s insurance – best to avoid it and keep yourself safe. 

Loss of Home Insurance

Your roof is one of the major things that protects your home therefore, it’s a big factor when it comes to home insurance and your eligibility. If your Colorado home insurers find out you repaired/replaced your roof on your own and suspect this has messed with the structural integrity, they have every right to pull your homeowners insurance coverage from you. After this happens, it will probably be hard to find someone to insure you at all.

The Quality or Look Will Not Be as Good

We hate to break it to you, but DIY projects typically never turn out as good as if a professional had done them. A roof replacement is no different – putting shingles on your roof is difficult and getting the right look is difficult. This is part of the reason professional roofers go through training. There is a method and science to the end product and look.

If these reasons aren’t enough to sway you from replacing your own roof, we encourage you to call Red Hawk Roofing before you get started. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help steer you in the direction of a professional roofer and a stress free experience. 

Bottom line – replacing your roof is no easy task. It’s dangerous, takes a lot of work and is a big factor for your home. One screw up could cost you big time in a variety of ways. We suggest leaving it to the pros, like our roofing division which operates in Denver and Colorado Springs. Need your roof replaced? Consider Red Hawk Roofing!

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