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What Happens When Lightning Strikes Your House?

When a storm gets bad enough, it could result in your home being struck by lightning. This is a bigger deal than you think, some pretty major issues can come as a result of lightning. If you have ever had lightning strike your roof or even the ground near your home, you need to have your home assessed. It could harm both the functional aspects of your home as well as the structural aspects of your home.

Your Roof Could Be Damaged in Ways You Can\’t See

When lightning strikes a roof, it could lead to issues with the trusses. These are some of the supports that hold up your roof. They make your roof rigid and hold up the weight of the roofing materials. It could also lead to a fire since the heat of a lightning strike can ignite the insulation you have beneath your roof. Both of these events could lead to you needing a new roof to fix the damage caused.

Typically, a structural engineer with our experienced estimator at Fire and Hail will come out and do a roof inspection. He or she will look at the condition of the roof, the trusses, the insulation, and the materials at the edge of the roof (gutters, awnings, etc.) for damage. In nearly all instances, the roof will need repairs. In many of those instances, a full roof replacement is the best way to correct the damage and ensure all of the materials that make up the roof are safe. We will push for this to happen on your behalf.

Your Home Could Need an Inspection and Repairs

When lightning strikes the house, it can also lead to a power surge. This can blow out TVs or computer screens, cause an electrical fire, or even fry the wires of the entire house. These will all require someone to check the house for problems after the strike. Typically, a certified electrician will come out and inspect the electrical system for the entire house. Any wires that were damaged as the result of the strike will need replacing, making sure the old, fried wires get removed.

On the plus side, if the house was grandfathered in but not current with codes at the time of the strike, the repairs can now upgrade the electrical system so the house can meet current codes. It all depends on what type of damage occurred as a result of the strike. This should be covered in your insurance policy!


Do you need someone who can come out and inspect the condition of your roof or the interior of your home after a lightning strikes? If so, then call the experienced professionals here at Red Hawk Roofing today. It is our passion to ensure that every customer we work with has the best experience possible, while still knowing he or she can depend on the repairs that need to be made. We work with only the top contractors in the business, and only those with the best reputations. We know if we send someone to your home to check for damage, they are a company that truly knows what it is doing and one that you can trust as much as we do.


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