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Fire Damage Restoration, Storm Damage Replacement, & Environmental Restoration for Commercial & Residential Roofs

Commercial & Residential Roof Coating

What does roof coating do?

Coating your roof will extend its life by reducing heat transfer, decreasing thermal shock, and helping to prevent leaks. Reflective coatings can also reduce heating costs and can improve the roof’s aesthetics.

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Roof Coating FAQ

How much does roof coating cost?

The cost of coating your roof will be dependent on the type of roof, the type of sealant, where you’re located and the condition of your roof. Nationally, the average cost to seal a roof is around $1,000. However, by coating your flat or low sloped roof Coating a flat or low-sloped roof is a common way to extend the life of your roof while cutting down on cooling costs. To extend the life of your roof and guarantee the highest quality seal, work with a professional Denver or Colorado Springs roofing coating contractor, such as Red Hawk Roofing, that specializes in commercial restoration services.

Do roof coatings work?

Yes. The coating becomes the first layer of UV and waterproofing protection for the roof and helps reduce expansion and contraction (thermal shock) of the roof.

How long do roof coatings last?

On average, if applied properly, a coating can extend the life of your roof to up to 10 years or more.

Does roof coating stop leaks?

A roof coating can stop minor leaking - however, you must ensure that the roof is properly dried and repaired before putting a coating on. Coatings can sometimes stop pinhole leaks, but the roof should be properly assessed and sealed before application.

Why would I choose a coating over a re-roof?

Roof coatings have high-efficiency levels that can improve your utility expenses. Also, many of the types of coatings can improve wind resistance, can be a fire retardant and resistant to hail.

Are roof coatings environmentally friendly?

Yes because there is not a waste of a tear off and we are not putting old useful roof waste in a landfall. Our coatings are ultra-low of zero VOC.

What are additional benefits to a building if I get a roof coating?

Our Aurora roof coating and commercial restoration services, help building owners achieve LEED certification and other environmentally sustainable programs.

Do roof coatings generally need permits?

Generally, they do not need permits as they do not affect the structural makeup of the building.

Do roof coatings have a warranty?

Yes, our coatings have a warranty between 10-20 years.

Are the warranties pro-rated?

No, our Aurora roof coating warranties are full warranty from the manufacturer. Our warranty is covered 100% for the entire term of the warranty. However, most re-roofs are prorated warranties and the actual value of the warranty reduces over time.

Is the warranty tranferable?

Yes, the warranty transfers to each building owner.

Is the warranty tranferable?

Yes, the warranty transfers to each building owner.

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