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Fire Damage Restoration, Storm Damage Replacement, & Environmental Restoration for Commercial & Residential Roofs

Hail Damage

Hailstorms are no joke. These come quickly and unexpectedly. Many people don't realize hail of any size can harm your roof, not just the big stuff.

Wind Damage

Wind can gust upwards of 90 mph. As these high-speed winds encounter your home, they tend to slip into tine cracks in your roofing structure.

Fallen Trees

High-speed winds and severe storms can cause tall trees to fall. Sometimes healthy trees fall when there was an indication of it being unstable.

Storm Damage

Mother nature is unpredictable and fierce. You will never know how much damage she can do until after she has come through.

Wind Damage

Behind most powerful storms are strong winds. During particularly strong wind storms in Colorado, the wind can gust up to 90 mph or more, and consistently blow in the 60-65 mph range, leading to damage to your roof. Our Aurora roof repair professionals can help.

As these high-speed winds encounter your home, they tend to slip into tiny cracks in your roofing structure. The speed of the wind results in pieces being hurled from your roof with great force.

Usually, strong winds are paired with other severe storm conditions. If shingles are ripped from your roof during a rainstorm, you might have a serious problem. The Aurora roof repair experts of Fire and Hail can help get your roof back in shape after hail, wind or snow damage.


Snow or Sleet Damage

The fact that the weight of snow can collapse a well-constructed roof is mostly a myth. However, the sharp decline in temperature might create brittleness in your roofing materials, which then may snap under pressure.

Sleet, however, is particularly troublesome because it weighs a lot, freezes very hard, and traps cold against your roof for longer than snow. Pay special attention to your roof’s integrity after a sleet-storm. The team of Aurora roof repair experts at Fire and Hail can provide you with repair services if your roof has been damaged by hail, wind or snow.

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