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Residential Roofing FAQ

It depends on the extent of the damage. If you just have a leak and the roof is not old, repairs may be sufficient. If you have broken, missing or cracking shingles, a repair may be sufficient. However, if the roof is reaching the end of its service life or has multiple leaks, it likely needs replacement.

Roof Coating FAQ

Coating a roof will cost about 65% less than roofing.

Metal Roof FAQ

Coating a roof will cost about 65% less than roofing.

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Buying a New Home? What to Look for in a Roof

Buying a New Home? Here’s What to Look for in a Roof!

By Red Hawk Roofing | April 29, 2022

When looking to purchase a new home, it’s always important to get a good look at the roof. In some cases, it even makes sense to hire a professional roofing company, such as Red Hawk Roofing, to inspect the roof to ease your mind on any potential concerns. If you choose to check out the […]

Checklist for Spring Cleaning Your Roof

Checklist for Spring Cleaning Your Roof

By Red Hawk Roofing | April 14, 2022

Who doesn’t love some spring cleaning? Well, just like the inside of your home, your roof needs spring cleaning too! Our Red Hawk Roofing experts have put together a roof spring cleaning checklist, which is below, in order to guide you on the important steps to take. Before continuing on, please note, If there’s any […]

Do you want to start managing commercial roofing claims in Colorado but don't know the requirements needed? You need to have several qualifications if your roofing company wants to handle commercial roofing claims services. People want to engage roofing companies that will help if their roofs develop a problem. Companies offering commercial roofing claim services must have the right credentials and licenses to enhance customer satisfaction. What is Commercial Roofing Claim? Most commercial roofing companies include insurance claims as one of their services. Here, the roofing company handles all the communication with the insurance company. The roofing company saves you from undergoing the tedious insurance claim process. If a person has never been through a commercial roof claim, the insurance company takes control of the claim by sending an adjuster to the affected building. It's advisable to have your roofing consultant help the insurance adjuster access the damage done. An experienced roofing company will advise you on how to handle any required demolition effort. They help you meet all the post-loss requirements dictated by the insurance policy. Complying with all your insurance provisions helps you gain fair recovery for all the losses incurred. Why You Should Hire Roofing Companies that Work with Insurance Claims A good roofing company understands how the insurance claim process works. They ensure you comply with your insurance company and get the correct amount they agreed to pay. The contractor works with the insurance company to prevent you from committing fraud. You won't have to deal with other problems after your property's roof is destroyed. Who can Manage Commercial Roofing Claims? Not every contractor is qualified to handle commercial roofing claims. Here are the requirements that roofing contractors must fulfill. Certification You should produce a certificate showing you've passed a nationally recognized examination that addresses roofing work on commercial and residential properties. For example, contractors in Denver must have a supervisor certificate and meet all the standards put in place by the Denver Community Planning & Development Office. Also, you must have an insurance certificate indicating general liability protection of not less than $500,000. Lastly, you must have current Colorado Worker's Compensation Coverage documentation indicating the roofing classifications. A signature showing your company abides by the CRA Code of Ethics is also required. Licensing In Colorado, all roofing contractors are classified alongside general contractors. That means they don't have to possess a particular state license. However, they're required to have a state business license. To handle commercial roofing claims, you must have a Class A or Class B license that allows contractors to work on any building project. Also, contractors must pass an International Code Council (ICC) exam. Roofing contractors handling commercial roofing claims should have a business license that shows a company has been in operation for not less than two years. After passing the licensing test, the Colorado jurisdiction or municipality will issue the license. You also need to have a contractor license bond awarded at the municipal level. How to Get a Contractor's License in Colorado Almost all cities in Colorado follow the same process when issuing licenses. Some of the essential things an applicant must provide to the municipality include: Proof of education Any previous certificates/licenses Tax ID number. Insurance Some cities require you to pass ICC National Standard Building Contractor Exams. Moreover, cities such as Denver require applicants to have a supervisor certificate. After you've met all the requirements, you can take the application form to your municipality. Some municipalities such as Thornton, Denver, Jefferson, and Fort Collins require applicants to do an ICC-validated exam. The application is then processed after passing the exam, and you are issued a contractor's license. The card can only be collected by you or the people listed on the application form. Experience Before your roofing company starts managing commercial roofing claims, you should prove having worked with insurance companies. A good contractor must be manufacturer-certified to show that you've been appropriately trained to work for commercial roofing claims. You're required to have specialized knowledge of handling commercial roofing claims. You should have verifiable evidence of how you previously managed and worked with an insurance company. Qualities to Look for When Engaging a Commercial Roofing Company for Insurance Replacement 1. They are Located in Your Area When looking for a contractor to handle insurance work, it's advisable to pick one near your area. Ideally, they should have a local physical office and phone number with your area code. Hiring a local contractor saves you from hiring a quack who will fix your roof poorly without following the correct local codes. 2. Have Appropriate Paperwork Your preferred roofing contractor must be licensed, insured, and explicitly bonded to work in your area. Appropriate paperwork ensures your rights are protected, and you get the best services. How do these documents help you? Bond: It ensures that the roofing company doesn't get out of the deal when repairing the roof. Being bonded ensures the roofing contractor follows the correct roofing procedure. Insurance: Contractors must have general liability insurance to protect them during commercial roofing. If you're unsure whether their insurance policy is valid, you can reach out to their insurance carriers. License: Work with a registered and licensed contractor. A contractor with a $25,000 job should have a general contractor license. 3. Provide You with a Warranty Warranties are essential because they protect you from paying for work done poorly. A good roofing company will offer a warranty. The duration of the warranty varies from contractor to contractor. Choose a contractor whose warranty is longer to save money and resources. References Good roofing contractors are always proud to show their previous work. Getting recommendations from other building owners assures you that you're hiring a reliable contractor to repair the roof. Final Thought It can be pretty challenging to handle commercial roofing claims on your own. That's why most commercial roofing companies offer insurance claim services on behalf of their clients. However, not every roofing company can handle such insurance cases. A roofing company offering insurance claim services must have the right certificates, licenses, and experience. Contact us today if you want to hire a company that understands your needs.

The Experience you Need to Properly Manage a Commercial Roofing Claim in Colorado!

By Red Hawk Roofing | April 8, 2022

Do you want to start managing commercial roofing claims in Colorado but don’t know the requirements needed? You need to have several qualifications if your roofing company wants to handle commercial roofing claims services. People want to engage roofing companies that will help if their roofs develop a problem. Companies offering commercial roofing claim services […]

The Importance of Roofers Relationships with Suppliers

The Importance of Roofers Relationships with Suppliers

By Red Hawk Roofing | April 7, 2022

Success in business is largely defined by relationships. Each company sits in the middle of a chain of relationships created with suppliers and customers by taking raw materials, products, and services from one end and adding value to generate profits at the other end. In the roofing industry, the supplier relationship takes the form of […]

5 Reasons Property Management Companies Choose Red Hawk Roofing

5 Reasons Property Management Companies Choose Red Hawk Roofing

By Red Hawk Roofing | April 5, 2022

Any experienced property manager would tell you that the secret to keeping a residential or commercial property safe and intact is to have a trusted restoration and repair company on your speed dial. A professional property management company should only work with trusted and qualified companies. When it comes to roofing, a dependable company should […]

Blog Post Headers Best Time of Year to Replace Your Roof - Red Hawk Roofing | Denver, CO - Roof Inspection, Repair, & Replacement - Fire & Hail Roofing & Restoration

Best Time of the Year to Replace Your Roof

By Red Hawk Roofing | March 31, 2022

If you’re starting to notice signs of wear, tear, damage, and aging on your roof and gutters it’s probably time to get your roof replaced. You may be wondering though, what is the best time of year to replace your roof and what factors play into it? One season is usually out of the question, […]

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