About Brad Coley

President of Red Hawk Roofing

About Brad Coley

Brad Coley, President of Red Hawk Roofing

Brad Coley


Prior to getting into the construction industry, Brad managed and operated eight retail cellphone locations including all inside/outside sales, ordering, marketing, and more. After leaving the telecom industry, he pivoted into construction by starting as a sales rep for a metal building manufacturer. Brad quickly began getting more involved in the construction aspect and became well versed in project management and total scope. He spent six years with the company before moving exclusively into roofing.

After leaving the metal building manufacturer, Brad was approached by a friend who owned a roofing company and thought he would be a perfect fit for the industry. He hit the ground running and was almost instantly successful with both inside and outside sales, however, he thrived in outside sales. After working with this company for five years, he was determined to start his own company.

Brad became Co-Owner of a roofing and restoration company, Fire and Hail Restoration, along with Rico León. Rico and Brad were introduced by a close mutual friend and business associate - they clicked almost instantly. Rico had already started Fire and Hail Restoration and actively sought a partner to run the Roofing Division. After much back and forth, Brad was made Co-Owner of Fire and Hail Restoration. Brad and Rico managed and operated the roofing and restoration company successfully for two years and reached a point where the company needed to focus on one trade instead of two. Rico and Brad came to the decision to amicably split. Which resulted in Rico maintaining the ownership in Fire and Hail and Brad splitting off and starting Red Hawk Roofing.

In the fall of 2021 Brad and his lovely wife, Alanna, welcomed their newborn twins into the world. It was with family in mind that Brad founded Red Hawk Roofing. "This isn't just about roofing for me, it's about building an authentic and lasting legacy for my children," he proclaimed. Red Hawk Roofing is founded on authenticity, family, hard work, and relationships.

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