5 Reasons Property Management Companies Choose Red Hawk Roofing

5 Reasons Property Management Companies Choose Red Hawk Roofing

Any experienced property manager would tell you that the secret to keeping a residential or commercial property safe and intact is to have a trusted restoration and repair company on your speed dial. A professional property management company should only work with trusted and qualified companies. When it comes to roofing, a dependable company should be able to handle all types and sizes of roofing installation and repairs.

Red Hawk Roofing is a well-known and trusted roofing company in Denver, Colorado. The company has been in the property management and construction industries for years. It has assembled the best and most experienced professionals to help entrepreneurs and homeowners resolve any roofing challenges they may face.

There are many reasons why Red Hawk Roofing rose to the top of such a competitive property market. Here are five of the top reasons why property management companies choose Red Hawk Roofing every time.

1. Red Hawk Roofing is Licensed and Insured to Operate in Denver

Before you entrust a company with your client’s roofing needs, the first step you should take is to make sure that the company is licensed and insured.

There is no legal requirement that you must hire a company licensed and insured in the state of Colorado. However, with so many quacks purporting to be professionals, only a license proves the company’s credibility. The license of a roofing company is proof that the contractor meets all the standards and expectations of a legitimate roofing company in Colorado.

Insurance, on the other hand, is necessary for keeping the property you manage and the employees that work on it safe. Should an accident occur during roofing, insurance will cover any associated damages and costs.

Red Hawk Roofing is fully licensed and insured. The company also has a great relationship with multiple insurance agents, adjusters, and other players in the property industry in Denver and the surrounding areas. Because of this, they are the most preferred roofing company for property management companies.

2. Quality and Dependable Roofing Workmanship

The only way to ensure that the roofing work of the properties you manage is safe and reliable is to hire a roofing contractor with an excellent service record. In this regard, Red Hawk Roofing excels.

Many roofing companies today tend to cut shortcuts to save time and money at the expense of their clients. Many of them go as far as subcontracting various tasks or hiring temporary day-labor workers with limited experience in roofing.

It is hard to find highly dependable and seasoned roofing companies in Denver today. Red Hawk Roofing has built a reputation for keeping the promise to use only top-shelf products whose results guarantee customer satisfaction. The company is Malarkey-certified, meaning that they are licensed to install Malarkey roof systems whose components are wholly made in the USA.

3. Family Owned and Operated Company

It is a well-known fact that family-owned businesses put more effort and hours into their work. As a result, such a company is more likely to understand its customer’s needs and take a flexible approach to work hours and requirements.

Red Hawk Roofing is a family-owned company started in Denver, Colorado. Since it was established, the company has invested strongly in building a lasting family enterprise with the satisfaction of its clients at the core of its mission. The company prides on its unified and well-structured leadership that promotes accountability, trust, and authenticity in the chaotic Denver property market.

When your property roofs need repairing, replacing, or restoring, you have more than a few reasons to choose a family-owned and run roofing business. Red Hawk Roofing’s dependable roofing experts take extreme care with client property because every job is more or less a family activity.

4. Get All Quality Roofing Services Under One Roof

If you run a property management company in Denver, there is a good chance that you have different types of properties under your care. Residential and commercial properties often demand different roofing services at different times. Not all roofing companies have the expertise to handle all forms of damage and work with any roofing materials.

Red Hawk Roofing is a single company you can entrust with all roofing-related services and consultation. The company has years of experience and professionals to install, repair, restore, and replace any roof. Even if some of your properties have tiled or metallic roofs, you will only need Red Hawk Roofing to care for them all.

It is also noteworthy that Red Hawk Roofing focuses on providing quality service as well as saving you time. For instance, when the roof of a property you manage is damaged, you will have a dedicated contact person to explain the situation and request a service. The company understands the importance of prompt quality service and will go the extra mile to ensure your clients’ homes or businesses are fixed as soon as possible.

5. Red Hawk Roofing Leverages Technology to Serve Its Clients Best

The pace at which technology evolves is both exciting and scary. It is exciting for tech-savvy construction companies and scary for those stuck in the past. Forward-looking property management companies choose Red Hawk Roofing for one reason: one of the core values of Red Hawk Roofing is innovation and embracing change.

Red Hawk Roofing has embraced various technologies that make work easy and roofing services more transparent. For instance, the company leverages state-of-the-art drone technology to inspect roofing and ensure that work is done right. It also uses virtual consultation with 3D roof models to cater to clients when they are unavailable for in-person meetings.

One indisputable quality of a dependable roofing company is the level of technology it uses. New technologies greatly improve your roofing company’s quality of service and the quality of service you pass on to your clients and their tenants. If you have to sign a contract while away, you will appreciate that Red Hawk Roofing also uses paperless electronic contracts to save you the hassles and inconveniences of traveling just to sign a paper.


There is stiff competition for quality and affordable services offered by property management companies in Denver. Your property management company’s choice of a roofing contractor will greatly impact the quality of service you extend to your clients and the level of care their properties receive. Making the right choice will improve client satisfaction, cut costs, and improve your company’s bottom line.

Are you looking for an experienced roofing company in Denver that meets all your property and business needs? Visit RedHawkRoofing.com and book a call to talk to an expert and learn why they are a favorite of property management companies in Denver.

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